A R + T
Augmented Reality Tour

A new way to explore museums


A R + T
Enrich your visitors experience

Add content to your art collection and exhibitions


A R + T

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AR+T Features
We Bring Something Extra to Your Museum

Let your visitors experience a new way to explore your museum.
Enrich your art collection and exhibitions with extra content.

Open Source Platform
Free Updates for Everyone

We will develop custom modules and new features all the time which are free to use for all participating museums.

Bring Your Own Device
No Hardware Needed

AR+T works on most smartphones and tablets. Your visitor only needs to install the app to get started.

Educating & Having Fun
Create Custom Tours

Set up educational tours for students or create content for special events or for kids.

No Hardware or Implementation Costs
The Only Thing You Need is Wifi

It's an Invisible Tourguide that Works Straight Out of the Box. You don't need to make adjustments to you museum at all.

Real Time Content Management
Direct Control Over Your Content

Select an artwork from the database, add content, click save and you can experience the extra content immediately.

It Even Works on Catalogues
Size does Matter.

The extra content is also available after a visit by scanning the exhibition catalogue. AR+T Works on all sizes and all media. From billboards to stamps.

Our Small Team with Big Ideas

We work with interdisciplinary teams to create big ideas and beautiful content.

  • Marcel Baauw

Marcel Baauw
CEO / Founder / Creative Director

  • Louise te Poele

Louise te Poele
CEO / Founder / Artist

  • Willem Peters

Willem Peters
Lead App Development

Interdisciplinary teams with open minds create innovative solutions and have lots of Fun!


AR + T
An impression


AR + T is an Open Source platform where Augmented Reality Tours can be realized for museums . Using an app, visitors can experience an enriched experience by scanning artwork where all sorts of additional information has been added. This includes video , audio, animation and links. The extra content can be easily added by the museum and is available directly through the app.

Try it! Download the app in your favourite App Store.


We Are A R + T
We Bring Your Museum to Life

With AR+T your museum will be enhanced with Augmented Reality.

Crafting With Love

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Real Time Content Managment
Coding With Fun

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Open your depot for the public
Available When You Need Us

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Let visitors share your museums art on Social Media & family
New York Based

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Pick a Plan that Best Suits your needs

Our Prices are based on Pay Per User. Based on the number of visitors per year we will offer you the best solution for your museum. Every plan can be upgraded or downgraded at every moment. Please contact us for custom plans.




  • 5 Art Objects
  • 2.500 visitors per year
  • 1GB Storage



  • 10 - 40 Art Objects
  • 2.500 - 10.000 visitors per year
  • 10GB Storage



  • 10 - 50 Art Objects
  • 10.000 - 50.000 visitors per year
  • 100GB Storage



iOS installs


Google Play installs


ART scans



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